Forward In Faith

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     It is important to know that our parish is running two campaigns at the same time... the Diocesan campaign, Forward in Faith and a parish campaign, St. Mary Renovation Campaign. Every parishioner is being asked to prayerfully consider participating in both campaigns and hopefully offering  their pledges over a 3 to 5 year period.   Please call Parish office if further questions.  Watch bulletins for further information as this project evolves.   You may mail your pledge payments in to the office or drop in the offertory collection, but please be sure to indicate whether it is for the Capital Campaign or the Church Renovation Campaign.
     The Diocese of St. Petersburg needs the help of everyone in our community to move Forward in Faith. Please join us to support our children, priests and parishes as we spread God's word and share the transformative power of the Eucharist. 

St. Mary Renovation Goal: Renovate our Church building and its grounds

 Phase 1:  Build a Narthex -  Completed November 2015
•A space to gather before/after Mass
•A space to gather before and after funerals, weddings, baptisms, Confirmation, First Communion etc.
•Handicap accessible bathrooms
•New sacristy and ministry rooms
•A covered portico and porch

 Phase 2:  Update and Remodel the church interior and sanctuary
•Refinish and repair flooring
•Refinish and repair pews and kneelers
•Update Sanctuary, allowing access to all.
•Update electrical and lighting.
•Create a permanent shrine for Mary, our patroness
•Establish a new location for Baptismal Font

 Phase 3: Landscaping and fencing
     * Outdoor Stations of the Cross
     * Meditation Gardens
     * Benches
     * Plants and trees
     * Fencing for security